Kids’ Corner

You can all play a role in helping to protect our ash trees. These creative tools and activities will enable you to learn more about the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle (EAB) and protect our precious ash trees — all while having lots of fun.

Help stop the EAB by spreading the word about not moving firewood.

Summer Camp Program

These Stop the Beetle: NOW! activities are specifically designed for outdoor, scouting, school and summer programs.


  • Leader’s Folio — features 4 pages of engaging activities and information
  • EAB Investigator — origami‐style trivia game
  • The Great EAB Escapade — group activity to use outdoors
    or inside on a rainy day!
  • A Message from USDA: Introduction to Stop the EAB: NOW!


Animated Video

The Nature Walk: Understanding the Life Cycle of the EAB.

Online Game

Test your memory skill and try to beat each others’ scores.